Giving is like receiving…

It feels good.

If everyone did something we’d be in a different place.

When we began we wanted to make a difference. We wanted to offer a sustainable fine jewelry line that offered low markup inclusive products because we believe quality should be available to everyone. Just like we believe a great education should be available to all.

We believe in values. That the start to change begins with altruism and how we treat one another. That education is the key, and the lack of education is an imprisoned society. There are many causes that we will always do our best to take part in especially those associated to natural disasters and global warming. Our mission is to inspire those same values so that all together we can be a part of a society that most importantly values each other and does their best for our environment. That all starts with knowledge.

In the United States most opportunities come from the school that you attended and those schools are so expensive, college loans starting at $150,000 - $350,000 for medical students, that the gap for opportunity can only become greater. My mother was a biracial art student from Brooklyn who got a scholarship to Princeton in the 60’s as a part of an African American arts program for the first women accepted into the University. She then entered a workforce that was dominated by men and offered very little opportunities for women. Today, there are less barriers in our way but the weight of college debt as a business owner I can relate to. I believe that sometimes it just takes someone who believes in you.

We too would like to offer opportunity. Opportunity to people who want to succeed but have already found themselves indebted before even entering a working environment or owning a home. If you have or had a 4.0 GPA and you have college debt in the USA write us an e-mail and tell us what it is that you do that makes you an altruist and how we can help you create change. With what we can we’ll pick one person a year and write their school a check.

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