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All natural, just recycled. We work with manufacturers in New York City and all around the World to bring you high quality ethical pieces at a fair price. Our focus is to elevate with modern fine design using 100% recycled 14k gold or sterling silver, generations of savoir-faire, and techniques that are never compromised. We offer sustainable crafted luxury that will last you a lifetime.




al.tru.ist is a New York based fine edge fine jewelry line epitomizing temporal designs with a unique personal aesthetic.

al.tru.ist collections are designed to be synonymous with your staple pieces, offering all collections in 14 karat solid gold and sterling silver, which can be layered and styled together.  

Most orders are made to measure, personally crafted for you unless we have the item in stock. Orders are processed the same business day. Some items are made with our manufacturers here in New York City. To stay fair priced, other items have begun to be made by manufacturers from all around the United States and overseas. We aim to create luxury products with a high standard of fabrication.




Espionne 2019

A study on defying gravity. Balance and movement. Navigation through volume. Espionne is an accumulation of process and trial, open forms, illusion, and lifted sculpture.

Julius 2018

Vini Vidi Amavi. Julius is the third chapter of the al.tru.ist collection. A continuous addition to a lifestyle brand and to its layering.


Olympia \' o-lim'pe-e, e-lim-\ n 1. fantasy 2. A mythical place we go to escape reality for comfort.

Savage Roses 2016

The first al.tru.ist capsule collection was named Savage Roses. It was inspired by the poetic connection between the living and the natural in our world. The spherical shaped rosebuds before they blossom, and the thorns which protect them. Our natural defenses, and the need to protect ourselves.  The Hanno pendant and ring are reminiscent of the elephant tusk. Savage Roses symbolizes our wild but sometimes inhibited nature and biological evolution.

Designer Bio


al.tru.ist's fine jewelry line is designed by native New Yorker Caroline Combs, a Swiss-American fine jewelry designer. Admitted among 12 students to the Parsons Fashion Design Masters program in Paris. When she moved back to New York after attending University in Paris she later worked in business development for a luxury creative agency. In 2016, she created the jewelry line al.tru.ist that was quickly picked up by celebrity stylists and seen on actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Bosworth shown in Elle Magazine, and Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester featured in Who What Wear. Since she has had a jewelry designer profile in the British Vogue, Vogue Arabia, and Vogue Paris, as well as features in Tatler, Vanity Fair, and GQ Magazine.