Fine Jewelry Care

How to care for your fine jewelry:

  • Knowledge Is Gold! - Don't leave or take your jewelry off in the bathroom. The humidity will oxidize the gold. That goes for steam rooms and hot showers.

  • Be Precious - Always take your jewelry off and place it directly in your jewelry box.

  • Everything Has A Place -To avoid scratches and tangles you can place your pieces in our pouches separately. For chains, place pendant inside the pouch and leave the chain outside of the pouch.

  • Layer Wisely - Don't wear your jewelry so that it knocks into each other, the pieces will scratch.

  • Vodka's A Gold Girl's Best-Friend! - A wise woman showed me how to clean my jewelry if I didn't have jewelry any cleaner on hand. She poured vodka into a cup with a handful of rings in it! After 15 minutes, and a shot or two, she then brushed all the dirt out with an old soft tooth brush. Shimmered. (dish soap works too...)

  • Maids Don't Wear Jewelry - Don't clean or do activities where your hands are banging into things with your rings on, or worse, using chemical products.

  • Sweat In Gold? - Don't workout in your fine jewelry. Your pieces will look nicer longer if you keep your pouches handy and store them in your gym locker.

  • TLC - Black colored gold is produced using black rhodium to coat gold, and therefore needs extra care like plated jewelry does since it can be prone to chipping. No oils, chemicals, perfumes, or hair spray.

  • Best Tip Ever! - Always put your jewelry on last.