Gold 101


The Gold Mix

As a fine jewelry house, all products are solid 14kt gold or solid sterling silver. Each of our products are made to last you a lifetime. Often we are asked, "what is solid 14kt gold?" Solid 14kt doesn't deceive like any plated product, 14kt gold will last you forever. The difference between 14kt and 18kt is not only a question of purity, but color and shine. The 14kt mix is still a high quality gold product with a higher shine, less dull of a color, and scratches less, leaving you a product that looks nicer over time. We are also often asked if there is a difference in quality between rose and yellow or white gold products. All rose gold and yellow or white gold products are the same quality, the gold mix just contains different colored metals to obtain the desired color.



Gold will differ in karat, which measures the purity of your piece, 24kt being the purest form of gold. Color and shine will vary with purity and it's gold mix. Pure gold having a subtle reddish yellow color to it, can also be produced in other colors, therefore it's karat can effect gold colors such as yellow and rose gold.

You'll notice that 22kt pieces have a very vivid matte yellow color attributed to them because of their gold mix's high purity.

18kt would be considered the most common, and a European market choice because of its higher purity.

14kt is mostly an American market product as it's shinier than 18kt because it contains less of the matte colored pure gold in its mix. It scratches less because gold is a soft metal and is therefore softer with a higher purity. 14kt is also obviously also more affordable.

At the end of the day, the gold mix is a question of personal preference.


18kt - 75% gold mix - is the most common choice for the European market as they value purity in terms of quality compared to 14kt. It has a much duller color in comparison, but is less vivid than 22kt gold.


14kt - 58% gold mix - is mostly an American market choice because it's less expensive, scratches less than 18kt because of its mix, and therefore shows less wear after time. The yellow gold is also more of a subtle gold color than the 18kt,  and is also shinier.


We don't offer 10kt because the quality doesn't fit the product as the gold mix contains less than half of gold and does not last a lifetime. We strive to make sure that you receive a quality fine jewelry product.


- Rose Gold -

Rose gold is mixed with copper to give it that pinkish-peach color. Crown gold is what we consider to be the highest kt rose gold mix at 22kt. 18kt rose gold is made of 21% copper, 4% silver, and 75% gold. 14kt rose gold is the most common rose gold product you will find on the market because of it's pinker color versus an 18kt, which tends to have more of a yellow reflection to it.


- Black Gold -

Black colored gold can be produced using many different methods. We use a black gold painted rhodium to our gold pieces, which should be handled and treated with extra care.


- Yellow Gold -

Pure gold has a subtle reddish yellow color to it, and is noticeably more vivid in color with a higher karat.


- White Gold -

White gold is an alloy of gold and is produced using at least one white metal, which is usually either nickel, manganese, or palladium. White gold's properties vary depending on the metals and proportions used.